Young People’s Chorus of New York City animating Democracy


Young People’s Chorus of New York is an organization with a goal to provide music education and choral performance to children of all cultural and economic backgrounds. Their assignment is to maximize children’s talent and make it an important part of the artistic diversity that reaches community all over the world. Beautifully this group is making a huge impact on children making their journey to success much easier. The main key is reaching and inspiring millions of people through music.


The crucial person in this story is Francisco Nunez who also had the low-income background and had to fight for his talent to come through. Socializing with children from very different backgrounds and rehearsing with them was a beginning of his journey. This journey continued for about 10-15 years until Francisco founded Young People’s Chorus of New York City.

young people chorus ny

Soon this group became most popular children’s chorus and became an independent nonprofit organization. Winning medals in many international competitions were just one of the ways to show their quality. In time many important composers started to write new music for these young talents. Further on its way, Francisco insisted on his fundamental condition while recruiting children and that was to spread diversity of children as more as possible. Based on different racial, economic and religious backgrounds he was building a huge bridge connecting all parts of the world.

Meanwhile, YPC’s music programs started to extend to public schools and after/school programs in collaboration with the Department of Education. Soon it came to a level for even preparing their choristers for college.

YPC continued to travel, perform, and compete on much different level spreading their quality. This, of course, was soon rewarded with National Medal of Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award as the highest honor for youth programs in White House.

After many tours, appearances and performances there came the most important moment of all this journey, and it was opening its first permanent home. A place located across Lincoln Center which provides study spaces with classrooms, computer labs, and chill lounges. All together presents a safe corner for choristers to improve their talents and take a tour through their creativity.


As one of the most important houses in the world, it continues its mission to provide a chance to all talented children of the world. Francisco Nunez’s original belief is still living and impacting to show the greatness of its children.