Welcome note

Here in our studio, we like to celebrate democracy. We consider music as the best way to express your emotion and to give praise to something or someone.


Art&Music Topical in New York

Music is the most important part of the art. It can evoke the deepest emotions and reactions among people. Any other kind of art is always better if it is followed by music.


Sing from the heart

No matter what you sing and why, you need to feel it, not in your mind but your heart. We advise our students, especially beginners to feel the rhyme and the melody and to enjoy after all.

Chorus is a symbol of community

Chorus is the best example of community. We advise our citizens should look up to the chorus and start acting like its members. You can sing soprano and still respecting what alto is singing.

Democracy as the core idea of chorus

In chorus has to be harmony. Harmony is the result of democracy and member that are respecting each other. If only one soprano fall, it will spoil the melody and interpretation. All members should make the same effort.

Equality & Diversity In New York Art And Music Education

We like to believe that the main feeling in New York is equality. We try to transmit this idea to our children through music in education. Everyone is welcome to join us.

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